Springnet 486 - Texas Longhorn OU pep rally part 2

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Austin TX Oct 5 2011 - I was just getting out of Nike Training class with Meryl C at RSC near Belmont Hall when I saw the long stream of UT players heading toward the UT tower where the Texas OU rally was held. So I had to decide go to dance class at 8:30 or go to the rally? The rally won. I got what I hope you'll enjoy are shots of the team the torch girl the cheerleaders Coach Brown and the fans.

Wednesday night thousands of Longhorns fans gathered for the annual pep rally at The University of Texas before this weekend's football game against the University of Oklahoma. The Torchlight Parade started in 1916 and was a tradition that lasted through the late 1960s. The parade started at 8 p.m. at 25th Street and Whitis Street and the rally at 8:30 p.m. took place on the mall in front of the UT Tower. Third-ranked Oklahoma (4-0 1-0 Big 12) and No. 11 Texas (4-0 1-0) meet Saturday in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas.


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