Partnership Synergies

Viddler welcomes partnerships with innovative organizations sharing a solution-orientated vision and ability to meet the needs of clients around the world. There is power in synergies. We would enjoy the opportunity to discuss how interactive video enhances your power to achieve success.

Viddler offers partners collaborative access to our technical resources, an aggressive marketing approach, and our dedicated channels team. We welcome shared client engagements for those who would benefit from your complementary skills and services.


Our partners are especially proficient in three functional areas: marketing, workflow enhancement and communications. The addition of interactive video elevates these proficiencies to an entirely different level.

That's the power of a synergistic partnership with Viddler: leveraging the untapped potential of video to achieve effective, sustainable and profitable results.


Do you know that interactive video is evolving into a necessary marketing tool?

You may be a software consultant, a web designer, a direct marketer, a digital agency, an internal communications pro, an event planning enterprise...or involved in some other area of business development.

Consider learning more about the bottom-line power of interactive video to benefit your branding efforts on behalf of clients. Viddler can help you unleash that power.


Are you ready to discover how interactive video is transforming the workflow environment?

Take full advantage of Viddler’s robust API in order to expedite and supplement your workflow solutions with interactive video solutions.

Help your clients save time and money through the integration of interactive video in their workflow solutions.

You also have the opportunity to integrate your products and services with Viddler clients and future mutual customers.


Curious about the proven ability of interactive video to enhance the communication effectiveness of your clients?

Viddler began as Interactive Tube in 2005. Our DNA is all about communicating with interactive video.

Today, Viddler partners with a growing number of educational publishers, educational institutions, training organizations, coaching professionals internal communicators and more.

Have a unique application for video? Viddler can help you develop it.

Let's find a solution for you.

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