What do Blues Clues and Viddler have in common?


It's 2005. Something new called Facebook is overtaking MySpace. Two Lehigh University students, Donna DeMarco and Rob Sandie, experiment with an existing TV program called Blues Clues. They add interactive functionality with Macromedia's Flash Player that allows young children to actively engage with the show. It demonstrates great potential as an interactive learning tool.

Donna and Rob create an online video content management company called Interactive Tube. (Yes, it predates another start-up called YouTube.) They purchase their first server and attract more attention and investment funding. They incorporate Viddler in 2006. It becomes home to a user generated content community that explores the potential of interactive video with features like timeline commenting and tagging.


Viddler quickly grows to 11 million interactive views per month by 2009, spurred by a range of innovations like advertising integration and video content monetization programs. Viddler shifts strategic marketing focus to business and organization accounts.

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Because by 2017 there will be three times as many digital devices as there are people. More than 70% of the online content delivered to these devices will be business and consumer video. The key to differentiating your content will be your audience's ability to interact with it.

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