Connect With Interactive Video ®

"Their API has been easy to work with and we are proud to be partnering with Viddler delivering videos all over the world."

- Erik Gjerde, Highlight Media Group

"Viddler just works. It's a big improvement over Vimeo, where I had been hosting my videos, and it's hands-down better than YouTube."

- Tim Haines, Vericastne

It's Way More Than Video Hosting

... It's About Interacting

  • Showcase your branded content
  • Create a compelling experience on your website
  • Engage with your audience with timeline commenting and tagging

It's a True Partnership

Clients rely on Viddler to develop new functionality, convert opportunities into solutions, and always explore the interactive potential of video.

It's about Controlling Access

  • Determine video access and track usage for internal communications
  • Control who manages and interacts with your content
  • Organize your video content with configurable playlists and sub-accounts

Viddler connects securely with your audiences

Connect with Your Audiences

  • Leverage our webcam recorder for training, performances and interviewing
  • Unleash your audiences' creativity with uploading video into your account
  • Engage your audiences by submitting and voting on their favorite videos

Viddler connects with your audiences with interactive experiences

Connect with Your Revenue Goals

  • Convert your viewership to revenue with our advertising integration
  • Sell your video content to subscribers through your own online store
  • Resell Viddler services to your clients

Viddler connects you with your revenue targets

Connect with Customized Solutions

  • Integrate your project team with our experts for a competitive head start
  • Solve your problems by partnering with our customer-centric development team
  • Leverage Viddler's robust APIs to unleash your creativity

Viddler connects your project team with customized solutions

Let's find a solution for you.